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More About Elayna

Elayna Mae Darcy (she/they) is a queer storyteller & star cluster of feels from the City of Brotherly Love. They are the author of the poetry collections UNRAVELING LIGHT and DARKNESS UNDONE, as well as the sci-if short story, CONTINUUM. She is a filmmaker & fandom content creator who has spoken on panels at both New York and San Diego Comic Cons. When not writing or flailing about Destiel, Elayna can be found snuggling with her cat or relaxing the light of way too many candles.

For more writings from Elayna, check out their blog, Elayna Musings, or visit their online shop to order their books at elaynamusings.gumroad.com!

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Elayna Mae Darcy

Storyteller & star cluster of feels. INFP poet, author & filmmaker. she/they ✨📚💛